Biden says America is back and leading the way but Twitter thinks it is the WRONG way

Jan 25, 2023 | U.S. | 0 comments

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Biden tweets that America is back and leading the way, but the question is, leading the way towards what?

Do we really want to go where he is taking us? Most people answered NOPE on that one.

All of those things are true, Biden’s policies continue to lead us there, and it is not really where most of us want to be.

Answers telling Biden we were going in the wrong direction were popular.Probably because normal humans with more than one brain cell all agree.

Sadly he is the President for all of us, but the stupid people are the ones who seem to think he is leading us the right way.

HA! Oh, how we wish it were.

STOP ELECTRIC LIGHTING US! We cackled, but for real, why do they want to tell us things we can just look around and see are not true? If they were at least honest about some of the bad policies we could have hope that they may try to fix them.

Sadly, that is not out of the realm of possibility.

FACTS. If things are going well in the economy a president does not generally have to convince people of it.

As we have been telling you, classified documents seem to be popping up at everyone’s homes and we agree, there is a lot of misdirection on the part of the Whitehouse in regards to all of it, in particular, Biden’s part in the drama.

Vaguely positive distractions seem to be the strategy of this Whitehouse at every turn.

Keep spinning the mess you are making Joe, we will keep pointing out that it is taking us in the WRONG direction.


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