Prince Harry was ‘obsessed’ with Archie’s private birth, Meghan thought ordeal was ‘barbaric’: royal expert

Prince Harry was "obsessed" with keeping the birth of his son Archie a secret from the public eye, and wife Meghan Markle was equally not interested in sharing her firstborn with the world. "It was not just Harry that was obsessed with keeping the details a secret,"...

‘Harry Potter’ star, the late Alan Rickman, wanted to quit franchise, journals reveal

Professor Severus Snape, portrayed by the late Alan Rickman, is an intricate part of the "Harry Potter" legacy. However, in revealing new diary entries meticulously kept by the actor and shared with The Guardian, the infamous Snape almost never was - as Rickman wanted...

Marvel president explains why Chadwick Boseman character was not recast in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

Chadwick Boseman portrayed King T'Challa in various Marvel movies including multiple "Avengers" films, "Captain America: Civil War" and his own feature film "Black Panther" which really dove into the origins of the superhero and Wakanda. The news of Boseman's tragic...

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