Britain’s health care system overwhelmed due to aging population, stagnant investment, COVID-19

In April 2021, Garry Cogan felt a slow, burning pain move steadily higher through his right arm. It was the start of a major heart attack that doctors warned could shave decades off his life without timely triple-bypass surgery. Nearly two years later Cogan is still...

Are you an intermittent faster? If so, binge eating could be in your future, new study suggests

Intermittent fasting (IF) has become a popular weight-loss strategy over the past decade. Yet a new study from Texas A&M University published in the journal Appetite suggests that it could raise the risk of binge-eating and other food disorders. Author Jordan...

Valley fever could spread from Southwest, driven by climate change, researchers warn: ‘New cases emerging’

For most people who are suffering from fever, cough and fatigue, the likely culprits are cold, flu or COVID-19.  But for those living in the southwestern U.S., the symptoms could point to Valley fever — and some scientists predict that this illness eventually could...

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