Uganda’s Ebola rises to 16 as outbreak grows

Uganda said on Sunday its Ebola caseload had jumped to 16 people while a further 18 people also likely had the disease, fuelling fears of a spreading outbreak that involves a strain for which a vaccine has not yet been found. In a tweet, the ministry of health also...

Cholera deaths in Syria reach 29

A cholera outbreak in several regions of Syria has killed 29 people, the Syrian health ministry said on Monday in what the U.N. has called the worst outbreak in the war-torn country for years. Rapid assessment testing confirmed 338 cases since the outbreak was first...

Breath training may help reduce blood pressure by serving as a ‘dumbbell for the diaphragm’: New study

Strength training isn't just for biceps. It may also provide support for the muscles that help us breathe to reduce blood pressure. A daily dose for six weeks of high-resistance inspiratory muscle strength training (IMST) reduced the systolic blood pressure by an...

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