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Angelina Jolie alludes to Brad Pitt divorce, admits family is still ‘finding our footing’ after split

[#item_full_content]Angelina Jolie is seemingly speaking out about her divorce from Brad Pitt, admitting that she made a big change in her career seven years ago so she and her family could focus on "healing." Jolie and Pitt shocked fans when they announced their...

Colin Kaepernick appears to generate interest from pro football team

[#item_full_content]Colin Kaepernick may have a shot at getting another chance in professional football – it just may not be in the NFL. Despite addressing a letter pleading with the New York Jets to add them to their practice squad, Kaepernick remained unsigned...

Teenage brain cancer patient misses homecoming, so the hospital throws a surprise dance for her

[#item_full_content]When a 17-year-old brain cancer patient was disappointed about having to miss her senior homecoming, her caregivers decided to bring the dance to her. Megan Krafty, who lives in Huron, Ohio, was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May after suffering...

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