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Court Affirms Arizona’s Need To Keep Noncitizens Off Voter Rolls, But Makes It Harder To Do So

[#item_full_content]Arizona voters approved Proposition 200 in 2004 that required proof of citizenship and photo identification to vote.

Canada plans state funeral for late Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

[#item_full_content]TORONTO (AP) — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Friday that the country will hold a state funeral for former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, though no date has been announced yet.Mulroney died Thursday. He was 84.CANADIAN OFFICIAL SAYS...

WATCH: NBC Legal Analyst Applauds Trump and Co-Defendants’ Attorneys’ Closing Arguments Against Fani Willis in Disqualification Hearing – “The State is Going to Have to Bring it on”

[#item_full_content]Nathan Wade sits in on closing arguments in the disqualification hearing against Fani Willis and her office NBC legal analysts and reporters reacted to Trump and his co-defendants’ attorneys’ closing arguments in the hearing to disqualify...

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