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Russia pummels Kyiv with waves of explosive drones ahead of Ukrainian founding holiday

[#item_full_content]Russian forces pummeled the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv with "Kamikaze" drone attacks throughout the night as the city prepared to celebrate the anniversary of its founding Sunday. Russia launched 54 Iranian-made drones at Kyiv and elsewhere in...

Why Is the US Tipping Off Russia on the Ukrainian Spring Offensive?

[#item_full_content] Is Ukraine Babe Ruth, Billy Jack or Geraldo Rivera in Al Capone’s Vault? We live in a bizarre time. Ukrainian and U.S. officials continue to issue public warnings/threats of a looming Ukrainian offensive intended to push Russia out of its recently...

3 things I want my children to know this Memorial Day

[#item_full_content]This Memorial Day, I want my children to know that every move we make is a costly move.  A hotdog barbecued in the backyard is a lavish expense. The price of watching a parade is exorbitant. Admission to the National Memorial Day Concert on the...

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