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Barbra Streisand asked Robert Redford to do ‘take after take’ of sex scene in ‘The Way We Were,’ book claims

[#item_full_content]Barbra Streisand’s first sex scene with Robert Redford in the sweeping romantic drama "The Way We Were" allegedly took two days to film — to producer Ray Stark’s dismay. The claim was made by Robert Hofler, who wrote a book about the making of the...

Miami should begin ‘preparing for evacuation’ due to climate change, Berkeley professor argues

[#item_full_content]Daniel Aldana Cohen and Samantha Schuyler provided arguments regarding the question "Should We Start Preparing for the Evacuation of Miami?" in a piece for The Nation on Friday. Cohen, a UC Berkeley sociology professor, offered the main argument in...

Mardi Gras in ‘Murder Capital’: New Orleans residents concerned crime crisis creates ‘fear factor’

[#item_full_content]New Orleans is celebrating its first Mardi Gras after being named the "murder capital" of the country, and some residents are concerned how that new nickname could impact the world-renowned festival for which the city has become known across the...

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