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Florida 3-year-old shoots herself in hand with loaded gun while relative is glued to football game: video

[#item_full_content]An in-home security camera captured the shocking moment a 3-year-old in Florida wandered over to a loaded gun and shot herself while her relative was preoccupied watching a football game on his laptop. The incident in the Goulds, Florida, home...

California man learns his fate after disgusting encounter with teen girl on cross-country Delta flight

[#item_full_content]A federal judge sentenced a man from California to five years in prison after he was convicted of assaulting a 13-year-old girl on a Delta Air Lines flight. During a June 23, 2022 redeye flight from Los Angeles to Orlando, Florida, Brian Patrick...

Florida teen dead from lightning strike on hunting trip with dad

[#item_full_content]A Florida teenager and her father were both struck by lightning Wednesday while they were hunting, killing the 16-year-old and injuring her dad. The Putnam County Sheriff's Office said that Baylee Holbrook, 16, and her father were hunting in...

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