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NYC correction officers sue over de Blasio’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, work conditions

The union representing New York City correction officers, the department known as the city's "boldest," took a stand Wednesday against Mayor Bill de Blasio's "draconian" vaccine mandate and subsequent dangerous work conditions by filing a lawsuit against the city...

Texas gunman acquitted in Midland officer’s death after self-defense claim

A Texas man on trial for the 2019 shooting death of a Midland police officer was acquitted Wednesday, according to reports.After about 90 minutes of deliberation, a jury agreed with defendant David Wilson's claim of self-defense, believing Officer Nathan Heidelberg...

HUGE! Glenn Beck on Tucker Carlson: US Doctors Were Reviewing Moderna Vaccine In December 2019 Before COVID Hit the US (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck was on Tucker Carlson's show on Wednesday night and he discussed the many actions taken by Dr. Fauci and friends before the China coronavirus (COVID-19) hit the US in early 2020. Beck mentioned that Dr. Ralph Baric reviewed Moderna and Dr. Fauci's...

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