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Give The Gift Of True American History With These Wonderful Biographies For Children

After I opened a box containing the children's history series Heroes of Liberty and set the books on the playroom table, I hardly saw five of my six kids for the next three days. (My sixth is 2 years old and never sits still.) They were all gobbling down the...

GREG GUTFELD: The left cannot condemn heinous acts if it means agreeing with a Republican

Let's talk aboutpedophilia. One of the all-time great, you know, pickup lines. So, you know, the whole Balenciaga story, they did a photo shoot with kids that involved stuffed animals in bondage gear. Now I know what you're thinking, "hey, who hasn't?" I mean, Teddy...

Meghan Markle headlines Indiana event for women’s empowerment

Meghan Markle is advocating for women's empowerment. The 41-year-old was the featured guest at the Women's Fund of Central Indiana event on Tuesday.The Duchess of Sussex appeared at the sold-out Indianapolis event, where she spoke with moderator Rabbi Sandy Sasso...
Freshman orientation

Freshman orientation

I suspect that high school freshman orientation is similar to all orientations.It was exciting to head to a new school...

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