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NYT column warns the ‘world is probably now closer to the use of nuclear weapons than at any point in decades’

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!New York Times columnist Ross Douthat argued Saturday that America should take Russian President Vladimir Putin's threats of using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine conflict seriously and that the world is closer to nuclear war...

2 NFL teams lose key offensive linemen in Week 3 losses

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!If losing wasn't enough, the Los Angeles Chargers and San Francisco 49ers will both be without key offensive tackles in the coming weeks.It's much worse for the Chargers, who are expected to lose second-year left tackle...

Once Again, Joe Biden Blames Gas Station Owners for His Record Gas Prices (VIDEO)

Joe Biden blamesgas stations for his record gas prices.As Gateway Pundit reported recently -- the Biden administration announced a new plan to reduce domestic oil production, this time preventing new offshore oil drilling projects in the Atlantic and Pacific...

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