EXCLUSIVE: State Farm Exec Apologizes to Angry Agents, Says ‘We Made a Mistake With Our Involvement’ With GenderCool

Post ContentState Farm agents across the country fielded angry phone calls on Monday from customers who were either threatening to cancel their policies or who flat-out canceled them after hearing news that the company had partnered with The GenderCool Project to...

The Morning Briefing: Politicians Can’t Heal What’s Tragically Broken in America

Post ContentTop O' the BriefingHappy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. No one has ever explained the cultural shift from "burros" to "burritos." Or why they got bigger when the new world means smaller.More unavoidable tragedy, so this Briefing will be,...

Awash in Victory, Marjorie Taylor Greene Lives the Motto, ‘What Does Not Kill Me Makes Me Stronger’

Post ContentLove her or hate her, Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) is now a political bulldozer and a force to be reckoned. Established MAGA royalty, MTG is more than a proven Trump loyalist or a firebrand in stillettos. After handily winning Tuesday's primary, MTG now...

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