Judge drops charges against North Dakota man accused of shooting at police

A district judge has dismissed charges against a Williston man who is accused of firing at police last year but the charges could be reinstated. Eric Obregon was charged after police say he fired at two officers during a traffic stop in Williston on Dec. 9. Williams...

California proposal would reinstate prisoners’ voting rights

California voters could decide whether to reinstate voting rights to people in prison on felony convictions under a newly proposed constitutional amendment. It would be a major expansion of suffrage for incarcerated people if passed. California would join Maine and...

New York man who attacked police officers with machete on NYE pleads not guilty

A Maine man charged with attacking police officers with a machete near New York's Times Square on New Year's Eve pleaded not guilty Wednesday to attempted murder and assault charges in a new state indictment. Authorities have said Trevor Thomas Bickford of Wells,...

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