Senior Biden advisor says ‘MAGA Republican agenda’ is to ‘essentially destroy the United States of America’

An advisor to President Joe Biden claimed that the "MAGA Republican agenda" was to "essentially destroy the United States of America" during an interview Sunday. Keisha Lance Bottoms made the comments while a guest on "The Sunday Show" with Jonathan Capehart on MSNBC....

District Attorney Puts Alec Baldwin Back in the Danger Zone Over ‘Rust’ Shooting

<![CDATA[Is Alec Baldwin about to be charged for his role in the 2021 shooting death that occurred on the set of 'Rust' in New Mexico? A week ago, most would have said there's no chance and that Baldwin was in the clear, but the District Attorney handling the case,...

PolitiFact: Migrants were taken from Martha’s Vineyard to the state’s designated emergency shelter (a military base)

<![CDATA[We're going to have a couple of posts inspired by PolitiFact today. In this one, PolitiFact is saying it is false that the military "deported" immigrants from Martha's Vineyard. We didn't think they were "deported" -- more like kicked out after less than...

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