University Forces All Graduates Through ‘Antiracism’ and Microaggression Training

Post ContentAnother college makes it official: All graduates must receive explicit life instruction concerning "diversity, equity and inclusion."Forty years ago, elementary schoolchildren frequently expressed dreams of being firemen, policemen, and teachers. These...

Sorry, Kids, Mark Kelly Really Isn’t All That Vulnerable in Arizona

Post ContentThere is a lot of speculation about the Republican party's chances of taking the momentum they have going into November and doing what was once thought unthinkable for this election cycle: flipping the Senate to red. The analyses I read -- and I do read a...

Marjorie Taylor Greene Overcomes the Haters, Wins Republican Primary

Post ContentEarlier Tuesday evening, we reported on several hotly contested GOP primary races in the Peach State, including the governor's race (which incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp won) -- and the Senate seat, which Donald Trump-endorsed Herschel Walker won in a...

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