Profiles in Virtue

When it comes to politics, historical comparisons aren't always fair. On the one hand, our tendency to remember only great leaders can make such comparisons useless. After all, everyone looks underwhelming next to Abraham Lincoln—just ask Stephen A. Douglas. On the...

It’s Not a Housing Problem

"Look, Mom, that one has a Christmas tree." That's what one of my kids yelled out while we were going with some friends to Teddy Roosevelt Island last winter. It's true, as they noticed, that the homeless encampments along the Potomac were more scenic and elaborately...

[WATCH] One American Gun Manufacturer Is Fighting Back Against the Left’s Wrath

<![CDATA[Like many businesses, America's gun manufacturers are feeling the deleterious effects of Bidenflation. Gun manufacturers, however, are additionally subject to the left's ire and misplaced wrath over "gun violence." After most horrific shooting tragedies,...

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