Twitter’s Former ‘Truth and Safety’ Poohbah Demonstrates Why We Are Ruled by Idiots

Post Content(As always, the opinions expressed in my posts are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of RedState.com.)In October 2020. in the middle of a hotly contested election between a Washington outsider and a decrepit, semi-vegetative moron locked in...

Texas DPS trooper stops U-Haul, discovers human smuggling

The Texas Department of Public Safety stopped another smuggling effort this week, this time involving a moving van and three illegal immigrants. On Tuesday, a Texas DPS trooper stopped a U-Haul van for a traffic violation in Kinney County, Texas. Kinney County sits on...

Indiana garbage truck rams into overpass, explodes in fiery blast

The driver of a garbage truck is lucky to be alive after the truck slammed into an overpass in Indiana, causing the vehicle to burst into a great ball of fire. The dramatic video captures the blue truck driving along East New York Street in Indianapolis, Indiana just...

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