FRENCH CHAOS: Armed Gang Members Attack Prison Convoy, Kill 2 Guards, Wound Another 3, and Free Dangerous Drug Trafficker ‘The Fly’ (VIDEO)

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Post-colonial fading power France is in a constant state of turmoil. La Republique is bracing itself for the hosting of the 2024 Summer Olympics in 73 days.

‘Le Petit Roi’ Emmanuel Macron, former Rothschild banker and Globalist Poster Boy, runs around the world pretending he is relevant, trying to make people forget he just presided over the expulsion of France from all the African Sahel former colonies.

Back home, society is ailing from the usual mix of failed, crippling European policies: unchecked mass migration deforming the social fabric, green climate alarmism, welfare state killing free enterprise, the rampant culture of death enshrining abortion in the constitution and now pushing for euthanasia.

Just last year, Macron changed the citizens’ pension rules by decree, generating a season of protest, because the French state is broke. But now, of course, he finds billions upon billions of Euros to give Ukraine, and pushes to send European troops into the war.

Meanwhile, crime is thriving, and the forces of order look more frail every day.

A dangerous drug Lord who was a prisoner is now on the run in France. He escaped after an attack that left two prison guards dead.

He was being transported in a prison van when heavily armed and hooded gang members ambushed the convoy.

Sky News reported:

“The escaped prisoner is Mohamed Amra, who is nicknamed ‘La Mouche’, or ‘The Fly’, according to reports by French media. The 30-year-old is a drug dealer from northern France, police sources said.”

3 prison guards were killed and the gang leader managed to escape. The gunmen seemed to be armed with a carbine and rifles.

Watch: Armed gang members ambush a van transporting gang leader, Mohamed “The Fly”, in Incarville.

#France : Armed gang members ambushed a van which transporting gang leader, Mohamed “The Fly”, in #Incarville.

3 prison guards were killed and the gang leader managed to escape.

The gunmen seem to be armed with 5.56x45mm #NATO AR-15 carbine and a possible 7.62x39mm AK rifle.

— War Noir (@war_noir) May 14, 2024

The Fly is suspected of ordering a murder in Marseille and has ties to the city’s powerful “Blacks” gang.

“He was under high surveillance and had recently been sentenced for burglary. He was also under investigation for a kidnapping and homicide case in Marseille, according to public prosecutor Laure Beccuau.

However, he was not considered a ‘radicalized’ prisoner, according to police sources speaking to French newspaper Le Figaro.”

French authorities dropping the ball at every turn.

A father of 2 children and a future father, whose wife is 5 months pregnant, lost their lives in the attack.

French authorities are being harshly criticized for ignoring the safety of the agents responsible for transporting dangerous detainees linked to Marseille drug trafficking in non-armored vans.

Watch: Incarville‘s attack filmed by a surveillance camera.

L’attaque d’#Incarville a été filmée par une caméra de surveillance.

Un père de 2 enfants et un futur père, dont l’épouse était enceinte de 5 mois, y ont laissé leur vie.

C’est quand même hallucinant que l’Etat, qui impose le principe de précaution de manière tatillonne à…

— Kim Jong Un ᵖᵃʳᵒᵈⁱᵉ (@KimJongUnique) May 14, 2024

He was in solitary confinement after an escape attempt in which he tried to saw through his cell bars.

“Amra was being transported in a van to Evreux jail in Normandy after a court hearing in Rouen, about 35 miles away, when it was ambushed by heavily armed men.

Two male prison officers were shot dead and three others were seriously injured during the attack, which happened on a motorway around 9am local time.”

Hundreds of police officers have been mobilized in a major manhunt.

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