MIC DROP: Rep. Elise Stefanik Eviscerates Novice Rep. Goldman in a Scathing Lesson on the Misuse of Political Lawfare Used to Interfere in Elections Against Trump (VIDEO)

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In a fiery showdown during the House Weaponization of the Federal Government Subcommittee hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) delivered a blistering critique of her fellow New Yorker, freshman Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY), underscoring what many see as a pervasive misuse of the judicial system for political gains.

The hearing, which featured testimony from Robert Costello, known for his previous role as attorney to Michael Cohen—Trump’s former lawyer—provided explosive testimony.

This testimony contradicted earlier statements by Cohen regarding payments made to Stormy Daniels at the sham trial of President Trump, led by Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

According to Costello, Cohen admitted these payments were solely to avoid personal embarrassment for Trump, not for any illegal campaign finance reasons.

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Rep. Stefanik seized this moment to dismantle Goldman’s arguments, asserting his comments inadvertently highlighted the Democrats’ manipulation of foreign policy and judicial processes to target political adversaries, particularly former President Donald Trump.

“And all the Republican majority is trying to do here today is interfere in ongoing criminal investigations that our system is perfectly well equipped to handle,” argued Goldman in his address.

Rep. Stefanik retorted, “Oh, I love being able to respond to the novice from New York. First of all, thank you so much for stating the obvious that political lawfare is in fact election interference. That’s what we’re seeing with the Sham Alvin Bragg trial.”

She pressed Costello on various points, establishing a narrative that Bragg’s pursuit of Trump was politically motivated from the start, highlighted by admissions that both Bragg’s predecessor and federal entities declined to prosecute Trump on similar grounds. Surely, this narrative must be a bitter pill for Goldman to swallow.

Below is the transcript:

Rep. Stefanik: “I want to begin with Alvin Bragg’s weaponized sham trial in New York, isn’t it true that in Alvin Bragg’s campaign for Manhattan DA, Bragg specifically ran on going after President Donald Trump?”

Mr. Costello: “That is true.”

Rep. Stefanik: “Isn’t it true that Bragg’s predecessor, Cy Vance, declined to prosecute President Trump? And the FEC also did not prosecute President Trump.”

Mr. Costello: “That is true.”

Rep. Stefanik: “And the DOJ did not prosecute President Trump in this case”

Mr. Costello: “The DOJ, referring to the US attorney for the southern district… Absolutely true.”

Rep. Stefanik: “And one of the reasons the southern district of New York turned down this case was because the supposed star witness, according to Alvin Bragg, Michael Cohen, was totally “unworthy of belief.” Isn’t that true?”

Mr. Costello: “Without a doubt.”

Rep. Stefanik: “This is the same Michael Cohen who pled guilty to seven counts in an indictment that had absolutely nothing to do with President Trump and actually predated the first time he met President Trump, correct?”

Mr. Costello: “Absolutely true.”

Rep. Stefanik: “And in fact, this is the same Michael Cohen who perjured himself to Congress. Isn’t that true?”

Mr. Costello: “Yes.”

Rep. Stefanik: “In fact, when called as a witness in this sham trial, Cohen was asked directly if he was honest during his testimony to Congress. He said no, admitting perjury. But it’s not just Bragg’s case that is a total sham and illegal political lawfare. Going after Joe Biden’s top political opponent, Donald Trump, this rot goes deep all the way up to the top in the Oval Office, because when Congress referred this admission of Cohen’s perjury to Joe Biden’s DOJ, isn’t it true that the DOJ has refused to prosecute?”

Mr. Costello: “That is true.”

Rep. Stefanik: “Isn’t it correct that Michael Colangelo, who was the third highest ranking official in Biden’s DOJ, was transferred to Bragg’s office to run this weaponized prosecution of President Trump? Isn’t that true?”

Mr. Costello: “Not only true, but it’s unheard of.”

Rep. Stefanik: “Unheard of. It’s a disgrace. Do you agree that this weaponization of lawfare goes straight to the top with the purpose of helping Joe Biden’s failing presidential campaign?”

Mr. Costello: “The circumstantial evidence definitely supports that.”

Rep. Stefanik: “And the unconstitutional gag order on President Trump from New York Judge Merchant is unprecedented lawfare as far as I know.”

Mr. Costello: “Absolutely.”

Rep. Stefanik: “And let’s go to the daughter of the judge. Isn’t it true that she is raising millions of dollars off of this sham case?”

Mr. Costello: “Well, I have to say I’ve read that in the media. I don’t know it of my own knowledge.”

Rep. Stefanik: “It is true.”

Mr. Costello: “Thank you.”

Rep. Stefanik: “One additional question. I want to talk about the rigged and unprecedented jury selection process. Isn’t it true that Bragg’s team asked the jurors if they followed Trump on social media?”

Mr. Costello: “Yes.”

Rep. Stefanik: “And isn’t it true that they did not ask any of the potential jurors if they followed Biden on social media or Michael Cohen?”

Mr. Costello: “Yes.”

Rep. Stefanik: “And isn’t it true that 87% of the jurors said they voted for Joe Biden?”

Mr. Costello: “That’s true.”

Rep. Stefanik: “Is this unprecedented and lawfared jury shopping?”

Mr. Costello: “Without a doubt.”

Rep. Stefanik: “Without a doubt. Political lawfare for the purpose of election interference, interference to go after Donald Trump. Do you agree?”

Mr. Costello: “Totally.”

Rep. Stefanik: “This is one of the reasons that Trump’s polls continue to skyrocket, and it’s why President Trump will win in 2024, to end the illegal and warped weaponization of the justice system. Because if they can illegally go after Trump, they can go after anyone. I yield back.”


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