Nutritionist settles butter vs. margarine food debate, plus a popular soup’s culinary roots

May 14, 2024 | Latest News | 0 comments


FOOD DEBATE – Is margarine what you should choose for your health — or is butter a better spread? A nutritionist breaks down the health specs. Continue reading…

THRILL SPILL – “Top Thrill 2,” the newly-opened replacement for Cedar Point’s “Top Thrill Dragster” roller coaster, has gone down for an “extended closure” just days after opening. Continue reading…

CULINARY ROOTS – Clear-broth clam chowder is a local culinary tradition in Rhode Island that has a rich history, and there’s a reason why creamy chowder wasn’t made in the past. Continue reading…

BEACH BUM ESSENTIALS – Return to nature with a beach camping trip and pack these items to maximize your fun. Check out these deals. Continue reading…

‘FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT’ – A man in California has trolled city officials with an “artistic statement” after he was asked to build a fence around his boat. Continue reading…

‘MIX OF EMOTIONS’ – A delivery driver is attracting attention online after she claimed in a TikTok video that a food order she picked up was requested to be delivered to a prison for a death row inmate. Continue reading…

SWIFT SELLS – Travis Kelce’s first-year jersey has hit the 2024 Goldin 100 auction. Goldin CEO Ken Goldin said it might not have been featured if it weren’t for Kelce’s enhanced fame as a result of his relationship with girlfriend Taylor Swift. Continue reading…

TAKE A SWING – Test your knowledge of baseball greats, the Big ’80s and more in this new American Culture Quiz. Try it out…

CALLING ALL CROSSWORD PUZZLE LOVERS! – Play our Fox News daily crossword puzzle for free here! And not just one — check out the multiple offerings. See the puzzles…






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