RINO Dirtbag Mike Gallagher Cashes Out, Joins Microsoft Backed VC Firm as ‘Strategic Advisor’

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Former Rep. Mike Gallagher is cashing in his chips.

After abruptly announcing his resignation from Congress in March, it was announced on Tuesday that the former Wisconsin Congressman had joined venture capital firm TitletownTech as a “senior strategic advisor.”

The Greene Bay Press-Gazette notes:

The venture capital firm TitletownTech hired former U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher as a senior strategic adviser less than a month after his early departure from Congress. The firm on Monday cited Gallagher’s experience in national security and technology policy in announcing the move. TItletownTech focuses its investments in areas ranging from manufacturing, construction and supply chain issues to digital health, agriculture and entertainment.

The Green Bay Packers and Microsoft together launched the venture capital firm TitletownTech in 2019. The firm has raised $95 million to invest in early stage startups with high-growth potential. Gallagher will help TitletownTech and the startups it invests in better understand public policy and global markets.

In a statement on the announcement, TitletownTech Managing Partner Craig Dickman said that Gallagher’s “leadership in Congress and deep knowledge of technology and security will be crucial as we continue to back transformative companies in various sectors.”

Revolving door update:

After leaving Congress abruptly, Mike Gallagher has joined a Microsoft-backed VC operation

He didn’t even wait a month before cashing out on his time in D.C. pic.twitter.com/FXQd1mWxGT

— Jordan Schachtel @ dossier.today (@JordanSchachtel) May 15, 2024

Gallagher, meanwhile, said he would contribute to “transforming Wisconsin into a hub of technological innovation.”

“Wisconsin is on the front lines of geopolitical competition in the 21st century, and has a critical role to play in enhancing America’s economic competitiveness in general and technological leadership in particular,” Gallagher said.

“I look forward to working with the TitletownTech team to drive Wisconsin’s growth by making it the best destination for top-level tech-talent and thereby advance America’s national security interests.”

Gallagher’s decision to resign from Congress was particularly treasonous given that it left the Republicans with just a one-vote majority.

What Is worse is that Gallagher planned his departure one week after the deadline that would have triggered a special election for his district.  Instead, he left Republicans with one less seat in their majority.

DIRTY RINO OF THE YEAR AWARD: Rep. Mike Gallagher Could Have Left Office TODAY to Trigger a Special Election to Fill His Seat – Instead He Will Leave in 10 Days to Screw the Party… Another Dirtbag Assisting the Radical Democrats

Some have speculated that his departure, along with that of fellow RINO Ken Buck, is part of a coordinated uniparty plan to undermine Trump’s chances of winning in November.

The early retirements of Ken Buck and Mike Gallagher are part of a scheme by the uniparty cabal to stop Trump from winning the 2024 election.

How? They want to flip the House blue in time to nullify the electoral vote via the 14th Amendment.

— Emerald Robinson ✝ (@EmeraldRobinson) March 23, 2024

It is unclear how much Gallagher will be paid for the role, although one can safely assume that it is a lot more than he was earning in Congress.

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