SEAN HANNITY: Every American has been ‘betrayed’ by the Biden ‘cover-up’

Jul 9, 2024 | Latest News | 0 comments


Fox News host Sean Hannity says the media and Democrats are “pointing fingers and blaming” over President Biden’s cognitive state, despite being “complicit” in the “cover-up.” 


SEAN HANNITY: The charade, the cover-up, the corruption, the lying is now officially over. They’re pointing fingers, and they’re blaming and acting as if they were not complicit, which is a joke. And now it is America’s time for choosing. Now, this isn’t a choice between Trump and Biden. Instead, you will decide and need to decide whether we have a constitutional republic for the people, by the people. Or will a cabal of Biden enablers and liars and state-run media lying and covering up and far-left unelected deep state bureaucrats, continue to run this country into the ground with Biden or some other Democrat as their front person? Make no mistake, Joe Biden is not in charge at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He’s not calling the shots. He’s not making the decisions. In fact, Joe has been a cognitive wreck from before he was even sworn in, which is something we have been reporting and been criticized on for more than four years before the 2020 election. 

In spite of the feigned outrage and shock and horror at the debate, everyone that works in the state-run media mob, as I call them, knows beyond any doubt that Joe Biden is mentally impaired. For three years, he barely did any press conferences or other unscripted events. He did very few sit-down interviews. They were few and far between. He struggled to walk with an unusual shuffle, barely getting his feet off the ground. We saw him fall over and over and over again. Then the big boy steps up to Air Force One. They were soon replaced with the little boy staircase. Also, Joe took almost every weekend off and when he was at the White House, his calendar featured barely one public event, on average, per day. Those events were always very short, tightly controlled, and still Joe struggled. The majority of Americans, as much as 70%, have long believed that Biden is not fit to serve. It has been obvious Joe was never up to the job, but the media mob did their best to cover this up and lie for him for years. They even tried to gaslight any American into thinking very real videos showing Biden’s struggles were cheap fake videos. Again, those very real videos were unedited and this is only a couple of weeks ago. 

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