SEAN HANNITY: They all lied, this is the ‘Joe Biden cognitive decline cover-up’

Jul 10, 2024 | Latest News | 0 comments


Fox News host Sean Hannity addresses calls for President Biden to ‘step aside’ as some Democrats and those from the media are now “all acting shocked.”

SEAN HANNITY: Top Democrats have now called on his [Trump] opponent, Joe Biden, to step down. We’ve been hearing it since the debate. Multiple editorial boards have done the same. Left wing hosts, pundits, cable news have been pleading with Joe to please leave the race. Many of Biden’s friends and allies publicly diagnosing him with dementia, and said he was not capable of serving another four years. Even George Stephanopoulos, who just interviewed Biden, said he doesn’t think Biden can serve another term. This has been transparent. This has been obvious for over four years, as President Trump addressed this tonight as a huge cover-up. But everyone around Biden, every Democrat, the state-run media mob, they have all been involved in the Joe Biden cognitive decline cover-up. They all lied. And now they’re all acting shocked. They’re feigning surprise. 


And another, you know, lie of historic proportions. And they’ve known the whole time. And with that said, while Joe Biden in many ways just had the best day since the debate, with the help of his usual teleprompter, the President delivered a whopping and a pretty decent 15-minute speech for him in front of NATO. Donald Trump’s speech just went on nearly an hour and twenty minutes. Well, it should be, by the way, a 15-minute speech, a layup for any U.S. president, especially with a teleprompter. Well, for President Biden, it was high drama all day long. All eyes on Biden. Article after article, the world is watching, our allies are watching. 

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