Trump addresses calls for Biden to drop out of 2024 presidential race: He ‘doesn’t want to quit’

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Former President Trump said it seems like President Biden will stay in the 2024 race despite calls from some members of his own party to step down in the wake of his disastrous debate performance late last month. 

Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity in an interview Monday that Biden has an “ego” and he “doesn’t want to quit.”

“It looks to me like he may very well stay, and he’s got an ego, and he doesn’t want to quit. He doesn’t want to do that. It just looks to me like that’s what he wants,” Trump said.


Biden told House Democrats in a letter Monday that he’s staying in the race and is committed to beating Trump in November. 


“We had a Democratic nomination process and the voters have spoken clearly and decisively. I received over 14 million votes, 87% of the votes cast across the entire nominating process. I have nearly 3,900 delegates, making me the presumptive nominee of our party by a wide margin,” Biden’s letter read in part.

“I can respond to all this by saying clearly and unequivocally: I wouldn’t be running again if I did not absolutely believe I was the best person to beat Donald Trump in 2024.”

Trump said if Biden is forced out or steps down, he believes Vice President Kamala Harris will fill his shoes. 

“I think she’s an ineffective person. She was in charge of the border, she’s never been there, she didn’t do a good job, and she hasn’t done a job on a lot of things,” he told Hannity.

“It would seem to me that from a political standpoint, that’s who they’re going with. They’re not even talking about alternatives.”

The former president added that Biden has a lot of power due to the number of delegates he’s received thus far, so the only way Democrats can get him out of the race is by using the 25th Amendment.

“I think unless they use the 25th amendment, which they’d use in a different sense, he has all the power. He has the delegates. He doesn’t have to get out. There’s nothing they can do to get him out,” Trump said. “So, he’ll get the nomination.”

House Democrats held a virtual meeting over the weekend to discuss the future of Biden’s re-election campaign in the wake of his highly-criticized performance at the CNN Presidential Debate.

Fox News senior congressional correspondent Chad Pergram reported that multiple ranking Democrats on House committees expressed their desire for Biden to step aside during a virtual meeting convened by Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. 

“I made clear publicly the day after the debate that I support President Joe Biden and the Democratic ticket,” Jeffries said. “My position has not changed.”

Biden and Trump are poised to square off for another debate in September..

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