VIDEO: Biden Slurs Incoherently While Speaking About Electric Car Charging Stations

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Joe Biden on Tuesday incoherently slurred through a speech announcing new tariffs on $18 billion worth of Chinese exports.

Watch below.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Joe Biden announced tariffs on $18 billion worth of Chinese exports, including electric vehicles, chips, batteries, and other goods on Tuesday. Biden previously criticized Trump’s tariffs and promised to reverse them.

When asked about President Trump’s comments outside the New York City courthouse before his day in court for the Biden/Bragg hush money witch hunt, Biden attempted to zing Trump but failed miserably.

Joe Biden Tries to Troll Trump After Announcing New Tariffs on China – But Fails Miserably (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that President Trump spoke outside the courthouse and slammed Biden’s electric vehicle mandate, outlining the consequences that American autoworkers are facing. He was joined by North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), Rep. Cory Millis (R-FL), former GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, and turncoat Speaker Mike Johnson, the worthless GOP House House leader who sides with Democrats and neglects his voting base on every issue possible.

Donalds, Mills, and Ramaswamy spoke to the press earlier during the trial to condemn the weaponization of justice against Donald Trump and the testimony of convicted perjurer Michael Cohen.

“China is eating our lunch right now,” said Trump:

During Biden’s speech responding to Trump’s promise to impose tariffs on China and bring American manufacturing back to the States, Biden was completely incoherent while trying to say, “Electric charging stations have to be as easy to find as a gas station.”

This comes more than two years after Congress gave Joe Biden $7.5 billion to install electric vehicle chargers all over the country. As The Gateway Pundit reported in December 2023, not one charger had been installed. According to RNC Research, just eight have been installed as of today.

Biden promised to use billions of dollars to build hundreds of thousands of EV chargers.

Watch below:

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